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So, most everyone enjoys making movies, watching movies, or being in movies. Which ever is your fancy, Movies, Film, and Theatres are a huge part of our culture these days. Whether we are watching them on our ipods, televisions, DVD players, computers, or big screens, our eyes are consumed with movies a-lot. It is such a huge moneymaker in this and many other countries, and some people end up in the industry to make a living. Unfortunately those wrapped up in “Hollywood” usually end up being exposed by the media for every little thing, and get followed and photographed at any possible moment. It is amazing how the lives of movie stars become so much like a soap opera, and it is a shame that the movie industry is so caught up in the fads and basically anything that will sell a ticket or a DVD. Sex sells, and it embarrassingly true. There is nothing that is off limits for film anymore, and so many movies are watched, even ones deemed G rated or kids movies that should never see the light of day.

Now people get on me for being a movie critic, and I don’t say that I am sorry, because I am not. That is because when I look at a movie, I do not look at the cover, or the action, or just that everyone says that it is good, but I look deeper.  I do not believe that you have to make movies that follow the trends of the times, and the wants of the people, because many of those wants and desires are appalling. I believe that you can show love without nudity and sex, I believe that you can make movies that are appealing to different generations, and that their does not have to be an F bomb thrown every other word to make it cool. I spend quite a bit of time behind a camera, and you could say I have an eye for film. I have a creative mind and try to portray that creativeness to the screen.

I am not saying I am an expert by any means, but I am saying that through my experience I have learned to pick up on other things that make a movie worthwhile that many people may not consider. These are –

1. Cinematography. This phrase is not commonly used in describing a good movie, but it is what I am looking for. Creative camera angles, artistic shots, beautiful scenery and compilations, really make or break a movie. You can have a great actor, but if the shot is not set up well, then things just get boring. It is really hard to describe what I am talking about in words, but it is just something that catches the eye, and plays itself out to the eyes, like a symphony plays to the ears. Something that goes along with this is action and suspense. Filmmakers spend millions on stunts and explosives, and it really takes a lot of big booms to thrill us these days, but action can get over done as well, and unless it is supposed to be a fictional movie, I prefer the more realistic aspect of adventure.

2. Acting. It is so terrible when you have a great movie idea, but bad acting involved. Movies require emotion and the act of an actor or actress becoming one with the person they are portraying in the film. You would think that those who get paid so much, and make a living in front of a camera, would be able to perform better on a regular basis. A film should be believable, and be something to make you a part of the story.

3. Plot. I am one who really enjoys movies that have an intricately woven plot, that makes you have to think to figure out the movie, but this can be over done. I am also not one for having happy endings all the time either. Thought provoking movies, and ones that drive one to action really hits it home for me, and even though it is all acting and screen work, it should have an impact on you that will last much longer than the film. So what are you taking with you when you are done watching it?

4. Script. There are people that write and write, script after script, and the amount of them that actually end up becoming a movie is quite small. However, this does not mean that there are ones that become a movie and are still not film worthy. Cheesy lines, and predictable quotes can really put a movie on the bottom of the scale for me. It is not always the actor’s fault when there are words coming out of their mouth that shouldnt be. Yes, the 10 minute long motivational speeches are okay, when used sparingly, but really, when does that actually happen in real life. Yes it is a movie, but if it is not believable then keep it in the fiction category.

5. Clean. Believe it or not there are actually some movies out there that have no sex scenes in them, and that are actually good movies. Yes, there are some movies that require certain elements to portray the whole picture, but if it that means dirtying it up then I will just not see the movie. It is a shame that we become numb to all of the cussing and swearing and scantly clad women, and we say it does not effect us, but is that 100% true? What is going on on the inside?

This list could go on and on, but it gives you an idea of what goes through my head when some one asks me if a movie was good, or what I thought about it. Videography is one of my passions, and I enjoy the opportunity to share that passion with others through the videos I make. I may offend some people in this article, but someone needs to go against the grain of society and the film industry, and show that there is a different standard to judge things by. So next time you go to a theatre, or sit down in front of the “Tube” think twice. I am not saying don’t watch movies, but be a critic, if you so choose, and you may find your enjoyment in entertainment get just a bit better.

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