Oscar Night

There is a yearly event that many people watch on TV, and a select few get to experience first hand. It’s called the Oscars. Its that night when all of the celebrities, filmmakers and movie stars get together, done up in their best, or sometimes worst, fashion attire, and head down the red carpet with cameras flashing, and video rolling. It is always the hype of who is wearing what, this person dating that person, but most importantly, who will go home with the Oscar. People enjoy watching it, and cheering on their favorite

movie, actor or actress, and hoping for some creative phrases that some come up with when receiving the coveted gold colored statue. However, the fun only goes so far for the viewer, and unless they get lucky, or work hard pursuing a movie-making dream, they may never get to be a part of it. So, Family Life Church, in Nampa, Idaho decided to change all of that, and recreated the special occasion, and started “Oscar Night.”

It began last year, in 2008, as just an idea, but has now grown into a full-scale production. So basically the church leaders picked out six teams, with appointed Directors, Cinematographers/Editors, with different genres that were pulled out of a hat. Then each team wrote a script, formulated a plot, and then recruited actors and actresses to fill the roles required, but not necessarily in that order. They were given a few guidelines, but had pretty much full flexibility on plot and story within their genre. With that the minds and cameras took off. The time frame given was about a month the first year, which you would think would be plenty of days, but when it comes to organizing and filming, it takes a lot of time. Most of the films actually only got completed in the last few weeks before the event, but it was still entertaining to watch them, and laugh and cheer. only one of the films did not make into the final night, but the rest came in quite late though. The night before the event, was spent editing all of the films, and resulted in lack of sleep for the editors, but it paid off and it all came together just fine.

The night finally came, and brought a great turn out. Everyone was dressed up in their best outfits, just like the Oscars, but minus the news interviews and tabloid stalkers. The red carpet was rolled out, and everyone got a chance to shine on their way in. Hore deurves were served as everyone mingled, and then the showings began. Everyone enjoyed the variety and creativity. The film that won the most Oscars was “Dude Wheres My Speedo” in the Sci-fi category, and they went home with five Oscars. The second place went to the Chick Flick category, with the film “Mclandings Quest for Love“. They took home four Oscars, including the most coveted of all the awards, Best Film. The rest of the films followed suit. The Western film “El Paso”, The comedy “Dodge Ball, the true story”, “Undead Past”, in the Drama Category, and “Never Die” to fill in the action slot. All in all it was a great event and everyone had a great time. That was just the start of the now annual Oscar Night, and this year it improved dramatically.

The rules were the same, to keep the film under ten minutes, and they gave nearly two months to do it. A few teams started right away, and it showed in the final productions. I was selected to be a part of 2 teams, but by the end of the time, I had my hand in four of them. My brother and I were on opposing teams this time however, since last year we were together and went home with best film, so you could say there was a bit of a rivalry going on. His team got Chick Flick again, and mine received Comedy and Drama. I ended up putting a bit more time into the drama, since I was limited in time to spend, and had to choose a priority. We had almost too many people joining the team, but it was great to have such talented people to work with. It was difficult however to organize everyone, and get all of the shots needed. All in all the films went well, and ended up in an even better event this year, hosted at the church. The Chick Flick once again won Best Film,  with Josiah, my brother, as the director, but the leaders said it was a tough choice between His and ours, which was the Drama. The movies ended up a bit longer than desired, but when you have some good stories to tel, the time does not matter.

Everyone had a great time, even though some took home more Oscars than others. The Top two videos can be viewed on the Videos page of this site. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did making them.  The movies were shown at FLC in Nampa, hosted and put together by The NXT youth church.

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