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This last month I had the honor of representing the Home school alumni of Idaho, at the annual Pie Day (Legislative Day). I was manning the booth labeled, “Where are they now” which highlighted some of the graduates over the years and what they have accomplished since then. It brought back memories for me, since it had been many years since I was last a part of the event. All seven of us kids were Home Schooled, and Pie Day was always a big event for us while we were growing up. The event is put on by the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators and many of the individuals that work or spend time at the capital, look forward it to every year. Although I could say many words about Pie Day, I will let the ICHE do the talking.

(content from The ICHE website)

Legislative Day is an annual formal business reception hosted by ICHE to give our lawmakers the opportunity to see the quality of home education in Idaho by presenting displays with academic, social, organizational, and testing information. Home educators from around the state are encouraged to participate.

PURPOSE: Legislative Day is a formal pie reception at the Capitol hosted annually by ICHE. The purpose of this event is to give our legislators the opportunity to see the quality achieved by home education in Idaho without government funding or regulation. This is accomplished by presenting academic, social, organizational, and testing displays. Most legislators attend specifically to meet their own constituents and to connect with those in their district who home educate.

PARTICIPATION: Those who privately home educate from around the state are encouraged to apply. Composite test scores of Idaho’s privately home educated students are compared with private, parochial, and public school scores. For this reason, participation does not include private, parochial, or public schooled students, including those enrolled in virtual charter schools. Participants must be current ICHE members who will be representing only private home education to our legislators. Applications for participation are available on the website and must be postmarked by the deadlines specified below. Further questions may be emailed to the chairmen.

CONTENT: In past years, displays have included history, art, science projects, unit studies, 4-H, Chess Club, sports, and family projects. Teen Ambassadors tour legislators around the displays while students play classical background music. The hundreds of home baked pies provided by home educators and the opportunity to interact with these unique families make this event the highlight of the legislative session.

Thank you for the great work you do for Idaho Coalition of Home Educators. It¹s so important! I always look forward to the pie, and all the wonderful kids on the fourth floor who make home education sparkle like the crown jewel that it is.

~Representative Lenore Hardy Barrett, District 35

Many people from across the valley make a point to attend the event, and several news stories and articles have been written. Some of these are listed below. The first one is from NPR, during this years Pie Day, and I had the pleasure of speaking to the reporter. However, I found that one cannot state their name slow enough, especially when Micah Ness, becomes Mike Iness. But, you live and learn.

Boise State Public Radio, Pie Day, by Samantha Wright (2011-02-03)

Lewiston Tribune Blog about Pie Day

Capitol pie day sponsored by home schooling groups.

It’s Pie Day in the Capitol

So if you missed out this year, keep your eye out on the ICHE website for the dates of next years Pie Day.

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