Rise Above The Tops of Mountains

Snow Glacier View-1

The rain falls, but with an icy chill forming rather than a refreshing. The air hangs in tension, with signs of snow on every corner. Mountain tops putting on winter caps of crystallized h2o. The wind packs a stronger punch, with temperature dropping force that cuts deeply. Birds are becoming scarce, heading for lower 48 vacation homes. Bears begin to think about dens with a view. Winter time is rapidly approaching in Alaska. It is different though, because it is the first time in 8 years that I have not been in Alaska for this changing of seasons. It is unfortunate, because the fall transition is so vibrant and colorful in the Last Frontier. However, in exchange for the lack of Alaska time, I have been able to see the transition in Idaho for the first time in 8 years, and spend it with family and friends. So it’s a trade off. But being absent does not keep my mind from wandering back to the vast mountain ranges and valleys, screaming of adventure. Watching The Art of FLIGHT conjured up the imagination of riding effortlessly down the mountain faces chased by cascading avalanches. A good friend in Port Alsworth actually started a helicopter operation, and is making the dream more like reality. But all that being said, I am apart from the North Land, and have to rely upon my mind and local adventure. Although the latter has not failed me, and its kept the tempo upbeat and adventure flowing, so I am thankful.

Flying Over Snowy Mountains

So since I have been thinking about changing seasons and Alaska, I began to think of how I could apply these thoughts to my current situation besides just day dreams. What came up is the correlation between the mountains and daily life. I am in the process of setting new goals for this transition season in my life, and there are many mountains involved. But I have been learning many things during the process. We go through our days, sometimes in a valley, sometimes on the top of a mountain. But during that time, what is our mind on? Are we thinking only about where we are currently, or are we thinking about where we could be. What is the reason we are in the valley, if that is the case. Many times our view is obstructed by things around us, and keeps us stuck where we are because we cannot see past it. But rather than being stuck only looking at the situation, we should be looking at the end goal, to get a vision of where we really want and should be. We must rise above the tops of the mountains around us, even if just for a moment to see the goal and know that it is possible to get there.

Flying Through Mountains -1

Our focus must then come back to the here and now, back to the ground. It’s a balance between keeping our sight on the goal, and also focusing on the process to get there. So then we need action, a game plan to get to the goal. So we have to ask, what is keeping us from getting there? Are there mountains in front of us? If so, is it a mountain that can be moved? The Bible talks about having faith to move a mountain (Matthew 17:20). So if it’s an obstacle that is in you that has to change, or an opposition, then you can have faith to believe that it will move. However, some mountains are in front of us that must be climbed. It may take a long time but if you have scaled a mountain, no matter how big, you know it takes time and effort but the result is a feeling hard to match. Afterward you are stronger and energized to continue. You may have to go back down the other side again only to climb another one, but it is the process me must follow. Our lives are full of changes in elevation, and surroundings, but we do it to reach the goal in the end. If you don’t have an end goal, then its simple, make some. You will never know how you are doing, or if you have grown, if you don’t have goals to accomplish and complete. Then have a plan to accomplish them that you can handle. But when it gets hard to continue, or the mountain seems too tall, get your view above the tops of the mountains, to see the goal again. Although you can’t skip the process to get there, it will remind you that the goal is still there, and give you a vision to accomplish it.

Snow Sunset View

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