Speaking in Memories

This year, at Oscar Night 2011, awards were won and memories were made. It was a very different year for my brother and I, because it was the first year that we were not completely involved in the making of a movie. This was due to an increase in work load and change of schedules. At least that was the plan, but in the end, we both had a our hands in the movie making. Josiah, my brother, was an actor in the drama video, and both of us got wrangled in to finish up the Sci-Fi Movie, Speaking in Memories. It was quite an adventure, shooting, and editing the entire movie in just over a two week period. Thankfully the writing was done, but that had to be modified due to the extensive amount of dialog and the fifteen minute time limit. Also a few of the actors had to be replaced, due to changing schedules and college finals. All that to say, it all went well, we had a blast, and got it done on time. And the movie actually won best film at the Oscar Night Event at FLC. It is a mind bender, and it was hard to squeeze a 40 minute script into a 15 minute film. Hope you all enjoy it.

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