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First Alaskan Grizzly

Published on November 8, 2010 By Micah Ness

The thick bushes and steep ravine finally faded behind me, as I reached the shale and took a break to take in the beauty that surrounded my vantage point. It had been a tough climb, and the distance seemed to stretch with each wet and soggy step that I took. The feeling of being on […]

In Pursuit of Giants, Part 1

Published on June 1, 2010 By Micah Ness

The feeling of finally stretching the tight muscles that had formed from four hours inside the confined space of the plane was one of mild euphoria, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of being back at the bear camp, heading out to pursue giants. And by giants I mean brown bears. There is […]

Hunting the Hunters

Published on November 2, 2009 By Micah Ness

Too much Fog, must turn around! Although those words were not spoken, you could see it on the pilot, Dave Wilder’s face, as he throttled forward and pulled left on the steering wheel of the Cessna 206, throwing us all to the mercy of pulling G’s. The bushes were so close, if the windows were […]

First Guided Hunt in Alaska

Published on April 6, 2009 By Micah Ness

The Sun beat down upon our already sweaty backs, causing our minds to wander to thoughts of cold drinks and rest under the shade. However those thoughts would have to remain only that, for we were on the trail of the canny and keen eyed Dall Ram. It was opening morning of the 2005 sheep […]

Top Ten Alaskan Hunting Guide Gear

Published on December 3, 2008 By Micah Ness

Top Ten Alaskan Hunting Guide Gear When I go out into the wilderness, hundreds of miles from civilization, there are certain things that I never leave without. Although my list of Items will vary depending on time of year, location, and type of animal that is being pursued, these are my mainstays, and also many […]