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Alaska Conyoneering

Published on December 4, 2011 By Micah Ness

The rope was pulled taught, as I leaned back over the edge, becoming nearly horizontal, before beginning the descent. The air was warm, but the spray coming from the roaring waterfall beside me was enough to drop the temperature, had it not been for my pounding heart keeping the blood flowing. The force of the […]

The East Boise Water Mystery

Published on October 15, 2011 By Micah Ness

Recently there has been a unique mystery occurring in East Boise, which is leaving experts scratching their heads as to what is causing several houses on Minuteman Way to have flooded yards and crawlspaces. Well, Doug Ness, Owner and founder of Ness LLC, sheds some light on this mystery in the following video. Dealing with […]


Published on September 20, 2011 By Micah Ness

On this fine summer eve, listening to the frogs sing their melodies, I had a spark of motivation. It’s not that it was completely absent in the past few months, however it just had a different type of a lean. It was distracted if I must say so, in order to make up some silly […]

Safety on the High Seas

Published on December 7, 2010 By Micah Ness

Any time you are out on the water, whether on a river, ocean, or anything in between, there is much joy to be had. But as with any activity, there are inherent dangers that come along with the joy, and can turn a pleasant excursion into tragedy very quickly. This is especially true in the […]

To Walk Behind Waterfalls

Published on October 22, 2010 By Micah Ness

It was early morning, with naught but calm ripples left over from the last few days of storms. It was a perfect day. Perfect weather, with mild clouds sailing past on the breeze, water like glass that could shatter at any moment. We were on our way, to adventure, excitement, and thrill, but at the […]