Thankful for Tannerite

Tannerite ExplosionIt’s that day of the year again, A glorious holiday. Many people are off work, we watch parades and football, eat over our limit of food. And then we wrap it all up with what we are thankful for. Now some people may just stick to the food and football and call it good, but I am thankful for so many things, and I think this day should really stay focused on remembering those things. Of course we should do this every day, but since it is a holiday, we should be extra thankful. Now it would take quite a long list to cover all the thankfulness, so I thought I would focus on one that was experienced recently. It’s called Tannerite. Tannerite and I had a little run in a while back in July, that ended in an amazing show of power and energy, and resulted in a great little video on YouTube called “the best Tannerite bomb video ever“. But ever since then, our thirst for a bigger and better show was strong. So this last week that bigger and better show took place. Different location, double the Tannerite amount, double the appliances, and double the people involved. All that to say that it turned out to be one EPIC event, and we captured it on video as such. We involved more cameras, a plane to film from, and much bigger show to put on. So without further ado, I give you, an Epic Tannerite Explosion. The Best Tannerite Explosion, Volume 2.

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