The Art of FLIGHT

On September 7th 2011, the world of snowboarding films changed. It was on that date that The Art of FLIGHT with Travis Rice, premiered in New York City. Now don’t get me wrong, Warren Miller has been making some amazing films for many years, and there has been plenty of videos out there featuring top riders and world class locations. However, this film has taken the industry to a whole new level with state-of-the-art cinematography, incredible tricks and amazing locations around the world.

The film was done by Brain Farm Digital Cinema which a turn-key boutique production house specializing in producing the highest end HD digital cinema. The director, Curt Morgan, in an interview with Photo Cine News, says, “Brain Farm is a place where people put their heads together to make a difference in the world of film-making.” They also used the Cineflex V14 (A gyro stabilized camera), The Phantom HD Gold camera system (which captures 1080p HD footage at high-speed and it can capture frame rates up to 1,052 frames per second). They also used the Arri 235 35mm film camera, the Red Epic, Sony F3, Canon 7d, GoPro and Panasonic Varicam 3700. The film was sponsored and funded by Quicksilver and Red Bull Media House, which has been responsible for pushing the limits in Extreme Adventure.

This film changed the way I see snowboarding, and combined not only amazing talent on the slopes, but breathtaking locations and incredible Cinematography. I encourage you to watch the following trailer, and also check out the SD and HD versions of the film available for download on iTunes or from their website. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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