The East Boise Water Mystery

Recently there has been a unique mystery occurring in East Boise, which is leaving experts scratching their heads as to what is causing several houses on Minuteman Way to have flooded yards and crawlspaces. Well, Doug Ness, Owner and founder of Ness LLC, sheds some light on this mystery in the following video.

Dealing with unique water Problems from Ness LLC on Vimeo.

Doug Ness Owner and Founder of Ness LLC, talks about water problems in Northeast Boise.

“When resolving a water seepage issue, one must look at the history of the property and the visible historic evidence left by past water issues. Many times, what might seem to be an obvious source is typically only one part of a number of active sources of the water. Also, there are sources that change depending on the season. All of these variables must be taken into consideration in order to have an accurate assessment to design a solution”.

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