The Lionheart, Part 2

The continuation of “The Lionheart, Part 1″

We awoke to beautiful sun, yet again, and after some exploring and snorkeling, set sail for the mainland once more. It was there that we resupplied on some already low items, and also got Hanna’s bag from the airport, which had finally arrived. We stayed the night there, and ate at a really nice restaurant, and enjoyed another late night together. At the rising of the sun, I was up and at em early, as I was every day, and helped ready the vessel, and start breakfast. Our next stop was a really cool little cove, on the other side of the main island, and we spent the whole day at a beach, that was perfect for surfing, with the kayaks, and also finding coconuts to drink from. There was no limit to the fun and adventure that we got ourselves into. That night we slept under the stars, but were rudely awakened by rain,

and were forced to spend the remainder of the night indoors.

Our destination the next day was the Jost Van Dyke, but on the way we stopped at Sandy Cay, a gorgeous little island, that was actually the location of Mobbsie‘s wedding. We played Bocce Ball, Kayaked, and lounged in the sand, another tough day. Continuing to Jost Van Dyke, we moored next to several other sailboats already there, and also a few larger ships that brought many other visitors. It was still never very crowded, and we managed to get some great Christmas pictures done on the beach there. Many more painkillers, (the drink) were had that day, and we ate at a place called “Pirates”, and also ventured into the famous new years day party headquarters, “Foxy’s”. Lots of history was contained in those places, and lots of good times for many people, and we were a part of it!

The next day was a long one. We started out early, set sail and moved along silently, with only the sound of

the waves breaking on the bow and the wind in the rigging. So peaceful, and relaxing, even when we had to rush quickly to switch our tack, it was the rush that added to the fun. We made it through a narrow channel, with only the wind as power, and once on the other side headed to Norman Island, the place that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write “Treasure Island”. We moored at an awesome little place, away from all the other boats, and people, and there we had probably the best night of the entire trip. We did some diving, snorkeling, shell collecting,  and lounging. Then after a huge down pour of warm rain, a dried up pond became a mud hole, and some how we began a mud fight in the middle of it all. We felt very primal, but had way too much fun acting like little kids.

We then cleaned up back on the boat, and went to the beach for a bonfire, drinks and loud music. It was

then that we got a special treat from our Captain, Mobbsie, and officially became part of the Lionheart family. It was such a great time, and we stayed up long into the night. The next day was our last full day of adventure, and it was well spent. We went beach combing, at a beach littered with junk and odds and ends that had drifted in from other countries, it was quite a sight. Then we climbed up the mountain, to the top of the Island, Explored some old ruins, and then sailed around to the bay, and spent the remainder of the day hanging at the “Pirates Bight”. It was a picturesque closing of the Sailing adventure, and we shared some great family moments that day. That night was our last upon the boat, and it was emotional.

In the morning, we sailed our last time back to the mainland of Tortola, and then said good bye to our Captain, who seemed just as a part of our family as the rest of us. It was such a privilege and an honor to

sail under his flag. The rest of the day was spent readjusting to land again, and just kind of relaxed and did nothing. John and Hanna left, so we were down to eight. It was also Christmas day, and since we had done our Christmas on Thanksgiving, we ended up at a local black Baptist Church, for a Christmas service, thanks to an invite from our cab driver. It was really cool, but kind of awkward. The next day we went for a drive across the Island, experiencing some really steep, scary roads and drivers. It is amazing that we didn’t have any car problems. We found a nice beach away from town, thanks to Mobbsie once again, and spent our last day there, swimming and exploring for the last time. It was a great day.

In the morning we had to bid farewell to what had become almost a second home, and loaded our cramped car again. At the airport we had no problems, except that we were all sad to leave. We had a few hour lay

over in Puerto Rico, so we took a cab into town, and traveled around the town a bit. It was a nice break in between the long travel time. Once airborne again, most of us slept or passed the time talking about our amazing trip. Back in the states we got to experience the thrill of going through customs, but thankfully it was not very busy, and we all made it through. We looked a bit out of place, with our tan skin, and shorts, since it was winter time, but we didn’t mind, it was a great feeling. Many hours later we arrived back in Idaho, recovered from Jet lag, and got back to the cold life. The experience was so amazing, and the family time spent together will never be forgotten. And we will always remember the Lionheart, Mobbsie, and the Island life that become a part of ours even if only for a short while. It was truly a time to remember.

Through this trip we learned some very valuable things. First off, traveling on a sailboat, with no one else but your own crew and captain, is much more enjoyable than other forms of vacations. You are able to totally be in control of what you want to do each day, and are not limited to a certain schedule or list of events. Second would be that when you rent a car in a British settlement, make sure you are able to adjust to driving on the left side of the road, it can be a hair raising experience. Also we learned how to make painkillers, if you would like the recipe let me know. And of course we learned how to enjoy time together, with all of our family, and to create lasting memories.

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